December 8, 2023

Super Mario World is a 2D platforming game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo. The game was released in Japan on November 21, 1990, in North America on February 9, 1991, and in Europe on April 27, 1991.

The game centers on the quest of Mario and Luigi to save Dinosaur Land from Bowser, the series’ antagonist. The game introduces new elements to the series, such as the use of Yoshi, a friendly dinosaur who can eat enemies and gain abilities by eating different colored shells. The game also features the return of Koopa Troopas, who had not appeared in a main Mario game since Super Mario Bros. 3.

Super Mario World was a critical and commercial success, selling over 20 million copies worldwide. It has been re-released several times, including as a Virtual Console title for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. The game was also included in the Super Mario All-Stars collection for the SNES, and the Super Mario Advance series for the Game Boy Advance.

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