December 8, 2023

It can be tough to find the motivation to workout when you’re feeling tired, but it’s important to remember that exercise can give you the energy you need to get through the day. Here are a few tips to help you get motivated to workout when you’re feeling tired:

1. Set yourself a goal: Having a goal to work towards can be a great motivator. Whether it’s losing weight, improving your fitness or training for a race, setting yourself a goal will give you something to focus on and help keep you motivated.

2. Find a workout buddy: Having someone to workout with can make it more enjoyable and help you to stick to your workout routine.

3. Make it fun: Choose a workout that you enjoy and that doesn’t feel like a chore. If you’re not a fan of the gym, there are plenty of other options available, such as group fitness classes, home workouts or even just going for a walk or run outdoors.

4. Set a regular time: Try to workout at the same time each day so that it becomes part of your routine. If you’re struggling to find the time, there are plenty of quick and effective workouts that can be done in just 30 minutes.

5. Be prepared: Make sure you have everything you need for your workout before you start, such as a water bottle, a towel and the right shoes. This will help you to avoid any excuses and make it more likely that you’ll stick to your workout.

6. Start small: If you’re feeling really tired, start with a shorter workout or a lower intensity level than you normally would. You can always build up as you start to feel more energetic.

7. Reward yourself: Give yourself a small reward after each workout to help keep you motivated. This could be something like a healthy snack, a new workout outfit or a massage.

8. Listen to music: Listening to music can help to boost your energy levels and make your workout more enjoyable.

9. Take a break: If you’re really struggling to find the motivation to workout, it’s ok to take a day or two off. Just make sure you get back into it as soon as possible so you don’t lose your momentum.

10. Remember why you’re doing it: Keep in mind why you’re working out, such as improving your health, losing weight or getting fit. This will help you to push through when you’re feeling tired and make it more likely that you’ll stick to your workout routine.

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