December 10, 2023

If you’re looking for healthy and easy desserts for busy people, look no further! These five recipes are perfect for when you’re short on time but still want something sweet.

1. Chocolate Avocado Pudding

This chocolate pudding is not only healthy, but it’s also super easy to make. Simply combine avocado, cocoa powder, and honey in a food processor and blend until smooth. Serve in individual cups and enjoy!

2. Banana Ice Cream

This healthy “ice cream” is made with just two ingredients: bananas and milk. Simply blend frozen bananas and milk in a blender until smooth. Add in your favorite toppings and enjoy!

3. Fruit Pizza

This fruit pizza is a healthy and easy dessert that’s perfect for busy people. Simply top a store-bought whole wheat pizza crust with your favorite fruit, yogurt, and honey. Cut into slices and enjoy!

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

These healthy chocolate chip cookies are made with whole wheat flour and are naturally sweetened with honey. They’re the perfect on-the-go dessert!

5. Peach Crisp

This healthy peach crisp is made with fresh peaches, oats, and almond milk. Simply combine all ingredients in a baking dish and bake until the peaches are tender and the topping is golden brown. Serve with a scoop of ice cream or yogurt and enjoy!

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